What is a Dopplle Coin?

For each item you bring with you to the swap shop, you will be given 1 Dopplle Coin which you can then use to exchange for 1 item on the Dopplle App.

What happens If I bring five items and I don’t find anything to swap in exchange?

If you bring your items and don’t find anything to swap, Don’t worry! Your Dopplle coins are added to your account and they will remain there for you to use on the Dopplle App or another Dopplle Swap shop at a later date. We list new items regularly.

Can I use my coins after the event?

Yes you can, that is the great thing about the Dopplle App. Your coins will remain on your account and you can use them to swap with other items on the app.

Why do I need to use the Dopplle App to swap?

The Dopplle App is needed so you can keep swapping with other users over the country whenever you like, not just during one of our Swap Shops. We want to encourage sustainability and reduce waste. We have new items being added all the time, who knows what you might find!

I have another question…

If you have a question that we haven’t answered please email us at hello@dopplle.com