Are you the perfect Dopplle Brand Ambassador?

Be part of a company trying to change how the world views fashion! Reduce textile waste without damaging the planet. The goal of the Dopplle Student Ambassador program is to reach new consumers, excite university students, and manage the Dopplle brand at their campus.

Dopplle Ambassadors

Esmé and Ben - two of our University of Bath Dopplle Ambassadors!

Who are Dopplle Brand Ambassadors?

Dopplle are looking for fun, sustainable students who want to promote the brand and app on their campus. This opportunity allows them to express their creative selves while being part of something big, something that is giving students the change to help look after the planet easily whilst on a budget.

What does a Dopplle Ambassador get to do?

Educate students, make them realise how to live more environmentally friendly without having to restrict their lifestyle. We want Ambassadors to promote the app at events like Freshers Fairs, where we can encourage students to get involved and start swapping clothes.
Don’t want to promote? Work at Dopplle events and supported events to help ensure an unforgettable brand experience for consumers. You can help plan exciting events on and around campus including physical swap shops!
Give people a taste of what the app is like by planning a fun swap shop where they can bring their clothes and have a great time too! Build relationships with other societies on campus, create a strong network and help educate everyone on living a more sustainable lifestyle.
Want to help out with the future of Dopplle? Help build and execute a tailored and innovative campus plan which engages students and brings the brand to life at university.

Need even more persuasion?

By becoming a Dopplle Ambassador, you will get to experience first hand what it is like to be involved with the newest and potentially earth changing app that will not only help your wardrobe, but also the planet. Gain real life skills to put on your CV that employers love to see, while having fun!
What are we looking for?

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Charismatic, energetic, positive and outgoing personality
  • Passionate about the environment and how the Dopplle brand can help
  • University enrolment

Got what it takes?