Become a Dopplle Brand Ambassador!

Interested in running your own branch of Dopplle, the sustainable clothes swapping platform, at your university or college? Want to educate students about sustainable living? Curious about the world of entrepreneurship? Apply to be a Dopplle Ambassador and become part of a brilliant and successful team!

Dopplle is trying to change how the world views fashion, textile waste and the impact it has on the environment. Dopplle’s goal is to reduce textile waste across the country by encouraging everyone to swap clothes to give them a new life. We are looking for students who want to learn new skills, develop their confidence while becoming part of a new and exciting start-up!

Dopplle Ambassadors

Esmé and Ben - two of our University of Bath Dopplle Ambassadors!

Why should you apply?

  • Become part of a new sustainable brand that will give you the skills you need to grow professionally and personally!

  • Exclusive Dopplle merch for Ambassadors only! – have a look at our iconic orange t-shirts

  • Manage your own branch and run your own events with the help of professionals through Dopplle.

  • Flexible voluntary job and will fit in easily around your degree.

  • Help educate your university or college and encourage sustainable living to your student community. 

  • Potential job with Dopplle once you have completed your degree!

Who are we looking for?

  • Charismatic, energetic, positive and outgoing!

  • Passionate about the environment and how Dopplle can help

  • Students

  • Interested in sustainable living or want to learn more about it

  • Love fashion

  • Interested in business and gaining professional skills

  • Excellent communicators who are happy to talk to a range of people

What do Dopplle Ambassadors get up to?

  • Promoting Dopplle at Freshers fairs and on your campus

  • Planning and running your own events like Swap Shops (Dopplle would like you to run one Swap Shop a term – we will help you!)

  • Helping make sure the Dopplle branch runs smoothly

  • Keeping tabs on your university or college group within the Dopplle app!

* Our second round of Ambassador sign ups are now open *

We cannot wait to hear from you! Apply to show your interest and we will be in touch!