7th April – Sustainability Does Not Equal Expensive

Sustainability ≠ expensive.​

The choice to move to living a sustainable life through the changing of your everyday practices, can be a difficult one, but is becoming increasingly necessary.

However it shouldn’t be an expensive lifestyle change, instead an easily accessible switch so as to encourage the greater population to adopt ‘green living’. Unfortunately 52% of consumers have been are not making sustainable choices due to the lack of affordability regarding eco-friendly alternatives. Further it’s been reported that over 50% of individuals would not hesitate to make the switch if the products were affordable, emphasising the issue being cost. 

In this difficult era of the cost of living crisis alternatives are paramount. Instead of purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products; items with biodegradable packaging or buying from high end clothing brands that claim to use sustainable practices, make adjustments according to your own lifestyle and affordability.


1. Repair or upcycle your damaged clothing items – giving them a new lease of life!

2. Buy quality items and rewear your wardrobe. Don’t always purchase from fast fashion outlets everytime you need a new outfit for an event or night-out.

3. Buy second hand. Second hand clothes are a gem. By visiting charity shops you may discover designer, high quality clothes for a bargain! With over a quarter of our population choosing to do the same, it’s evident this is a popular option and a good way to save money. You’ll surprise yourself with the treasure you find

4. Swap your unwanted items for clothes that are new to you! Use Dopplle to upload your items and request form other users. Especially in this spring season, now is the time to clear out the old and receive the ‘new’. Therefore give your wardrobe a spring clean whilst giving it a refresh!

Hopefully these ideas have helped you to realise what small things you can do to ensure your lifestyle becomes more sustainable, without breaking the bank! Help us remove the myth that sustainability is expensive. 

Guest Blog by Phumi