What is DOPPLLE?

Dopplle is a platform which promotes sustainable living through fashion. We launched our clothes swapping app at the beginning of the year and now need the support of students to expand across the country. We are proving that this is something we want and need, in order to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

We want to encourage the permanent or temporary swapping of clothes among friends and a wider circle. By doing this within universities, it enables users to build their reputation and therefore be more trusted with others’ clothing when they lend items out.

Why should you get involved with Dopplle?

1. Free
We will make your clothing carbon neutral each month you’re part of our mailing list – this means your clothing will have no impact* on the environment every month you stay signed up!

2. First access

Have first access to our swapping app now it has launched, to expand your wardrobe – join our Facebook group ‘Dopplle App Testers’.

3. Influencer
Influence others to join Dopplle so they can be educated about sustainable living too!

4. Online
Join our online platform for updates, blogs, articles & insights into sustainable fashion.

5. Events
Dopplle will keep you up to date on virtual & local swap events! Watch this space…


*Based on the National average of each person spending £300 on clothing a year.