This page is broken down into relevant sections to help users should there be an issue or if you are not quite sure how to do something. Clicking the buttons below will take you to that section or manually browse the help.

The Basics

What is Dopplle?

Dopplle connects users with each other so their items can be swapped and not thrown away. All items on Dopplle Pilot Launch are offered for free and no actual exchange will take place. Any attempt to sell items should be immediately reported.

How to download Dopplle app

You can download Dopplle from Google Play Store or Apple Store using the links below.

How can I use Dopplle?

After downloading the app you will need to create an account. Once the account is created you will be able to browse other users’ items, list your own items, request items and send messages.

Do I have to give and take to use Dopplle?

No. Many people will do both, but some people will only add and others will only request. Whatever takes your fancy!

The Dashboard

Add New Item

This is where you add your items to list, you must add at least one photograph and can also add further information, including different categories to choose from.

Until you select ‘This Item is Available’ your item will be in Draft where you can continue to edit it without anyone else seeing it.


Browse Dopplle

Look through all the different items people have listed. You can search using the text entry at the top and you can also set filters in the top right corner to really narrow the search down for categories or location.

Items will display a thumbnail photo with its’ name underneath. If you see something you like, click a thumbnail and you will be taken to the item info where you can see further information about the item, message the owner and request the item.

My Trades

Any items you have Liked, items that have been requested from you, items that have been requested by you and all completed trades will show in this section. Each item will display a thumbnail with the item name, credits value, the status of the trade, who the trade is taking place with and how it is arranged to be collected.

My Items

Any items that you have added will be accessible from this section. There are 3 tabs Draft, Active and Items in Trade.

Draft – Any items you haven’t finished adding information to will be shown here, you can edit them at any time. To make it an active listing so other Dopplle users can see it, click the ‘This Item Is Available’ option. It will then move into the Active section.

Active – All items shown are listed and other Dopplle users can browse them and request them. If you want to move an item back to draft you just unclick the ‘This Item Is Available’ option.

Items in Trade – Any items which are currently in a trade will show here. Clicking an item will take you into the Item editor area, however, if a trade has started you will not be able to edit the item.


Clicking your profile image or name from the Dashboard will take you to the Profile editor where you can update your photo, update your details and change your password.

You can also access this screen by clicking your image on the side menu.


How do I see a message sent to me?

When a user messages you, you will receive an email, then just login to Dopplle. On the Dashboard you will see a notification next to the envelope at the top of the page or from the side menu under My Messages. Click to read your messages.

Please note
: Once you have read your new message and then visited a different part of the app, if you want to read that message again when you go into Messages you will need to click Load All Messages.

Can everyone see my messages on items?


Only the recipient of the message will see your message on an item.

How do I message another user?

At the bottom of any item listed you will see the Messages Section.
Just fill out the question you have and click the send button next to it.

Your message will be displayed at the bottom of the item where the other user can see it.
When the other user replies, you will see that underneath your original message.

Can I message a user after a trade is completed?

Yes you can.

Go to My Items, then click Completed and open the item.
Scroll to the bottom of the item as you normally would and send a message.


How do I request an item?

Browse through items in the Browse Dopplle Section. You can choose filters to narrow your searches for categorisations and location. Click on an item and then click the Cart icon to request it. The owner will be notified you are interested in the item.

How do I get an item after I requested it?

When you request an item, it will display the different Shipping options that are available. These consist of –

Pick up in person
Dopplle Collection Point
My address – Home

There is a listing that is inappropriate

When browsing items, if you come across a listing that is inappropriate, whether it be be due to the photos or the wording of a listing, you can report it and the Dopplle Staff will look into it.

Reporting an Item – Under the description of a Item Listing there is a button – Report This. Clicking this you will be presented with a few options, choose the relevant one and submit it.

How can I like an Item?

When viewing an item click on the heart icon next to the thumbnail.

To view all liked items, go to My Items and Liked Items.

To Unlike an item, go into the item and click the heart icon again.

What are Credits?

These are a form of currency – gain credits by “selling”, use the credits by “buying”
When listing an item you can specify if you want to list it for 1 or 0 credits.

How do I edit / remove my item?

Edit Item – Navigate to My Items and the relevant section (Draft or Active) and click on the thumbnail.
From here you can Edit the details, Add photos, Change description, Categories, Pricing & Shipping
and view all messages for that particular item.

Please note – if a trade is active on the item you will NOT be able to edit the details of the item.

Deleting an ItemNavigate to My Items and the relevant section (Draft or Active) and click on the thumbnail.
Under the Update Button is Delete. Click this to delete the item.

Can I filter my searches?

Yes you can.

When browsing items click on the Filter Icon at the top right of the page. Choose what categories or location you would like narrow the search down to and apply the filter. The app will take you back to the Browse Dopplle page with your filters applied.

Clear the filter: – Click filter icon again and then push Clear on the top right followed by apply.

Can I reject a trade?

Yes you can.

If auto-approve is NOT on on that item, you can accept or reject the trade.

If auto-approve is on on that item, then to stop the trade, you will have to report it.


I can't Login

Make sure you are using the correct username and password to login.

If you are sure the username is correct please try to reset your password by pressing ‘Forgot Password?’. If you forget your username, look back to your verification email/SMS and it will be shown.

If you still cannot login after all options please email hello@dopplle.com and we will help you out!

I can't remember my password

On the login screen there is a button – ‘Forgot Password?’.
Click this and follow the instructions to reset your password.


Can I use my front and back camera?

Yes you can.

We recommend using your back camera for most photos of the items as it will take a better quality photo. You can use your front camera if needed.

Can I change the order of my photos?


Currently, you are unable to change the order of your photos of an item. The only way you can change the order is to delete them all and re-add them again in the correct order that you want them.

How should I take a photo of an item?

You want the first photo of your item (this is the photo that is viewed form the Browse Dopplle page) to either be a full photo of the item on a hanger or on a person. In the photos, include a front and a back view, plus close-ups of any details/marks/damage/labels.

Access to my camera isn't allowed

Go to your phone settings, find the Dopplle camera settings and change to allow camera to be used in the app.

If this doesn’t work, delete the app and re-download it. Make sure you allow the camera to be used in the app this time around when the pop-up appears.

If you have a question that you think we should add to our FAQs section, please follow the link to our contact form HERE.