29th March – Enterprise Day Swap Shop – Bath

The University of Bath put on its second Enterprise Day, an event dedicated to promoting and showcasing all of the entrepreneurial activities that happen on campus and around Bath, like Dopplle, with students and staff alike. 

Dopplle was involved throughout the event, running a sustainable clothing swap shop, promoting Dopplle to the university community, taking part in an interview for the University of Bath, and also speaking in a panel talk about startups whilst being a student. 

First of all, the main event (at least in our eyes) was the running of our swap shop which lasted the whole afternoon. As one of our longest swap shops we have done so far – with no breaks – we swapped for 6 hours straight! It was amazing to see so many people get involved, and talk about pre-loved clothing. We had 106 items swapped in, saving them from landfill or from being forgotten about at the back of someone’s wardrobe! Over 80 items were swapped back out and given a new home to be loved and worn again and again. 

Secondly, while running a swap shop we were also having incredible chats with other businesses that have been started by students or staff from the University of Bath. It was great to see so many different industries that have appeared from the university community, with all of them putting sustainable and ethical issues at the forefront of their businesses.

Finally, co-founder Izzie was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to take part in a panel talk alongside 3 other Alumni from the University of Bath. Each of us had our own story to tell on how we started our businesses whilst at university, and how the ecosystem Bath has provided helped us grow in a business and a personal sense. Thank you to Siobain for hosting and asking great questions, and E-J (Epowar), James (TestMyTeeth) and Jordan (StudyFast) for their inspiring yet honest stories. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the event, Swap Shop and Enterprise Day! Please reach out if you are interested in Dopplle running an event for your university or institution – we love to run anything educational and sustainability related!