31st March – Fashionable or Frightening?

Your fashion choices are affecting the planet. Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, but always having an impact. Actions you are taking may be having a positive impact and this blog is going to talk about how you can figure out if it is or not.

First of all, what are you actually buying? Is it items that you see, have an urge to own, purchase it and then only wear it a few times? If so, try this. Keep a list on your phone or in your head about the items you are actively looking for to put in your wardrobe. For example, when I notice a pair of my jeans does not fit me anymore, I add it to my list so when I am shopping, I know to keep an eye out for a pair of jeans that I love and want to add to my wardrobe. Quality of the items is something everyone should consider when they are buying new items too, because you want them to last, avoiding having to re-buy the same item each year or season. 

Where are you buying your fashion from? This is a bit trickier to understand due to many fashion companies greenwashing and starting to realise that consumers want to feel environmentally friendly (even if they end up not actually being sustainable, they want to know they have tried). When you’re buying items, look for brands with more sustainable credentials. Have a look on GoodForYou, or other platforms which have assessed the brand as a whole, including their worker rights and transport of items.

What is your attitude when purchasing a new item? Is it a trend you are buying into or is it something you actually want or need. You can still want items and not need them, we all want to have something that sparks joy! Just ensure you are considering the impacts it may have. Trends are the biggest reason you will buy an item that is causing a negative impact but sometimes you just want to try it! Fast fashion brands are the one most likely to be causing ethical and environmental problems during the production line, so look at alternatives and change existing items in your wardrobe.

So what do you actually need to think about? Here are 4 things to consider each time you want to see if your future choices are not negatively affecting our planet. 

Quality – will the item last and do you feel it has been made with longevity in mind. You do not want to keep buying the same item every year or two!

Quantity – do you already have a version of the item you are purchasing? Another black top is great but if you already have 10, do you need it? This is something I fall victim to as I do feel you can never have too many black tops…

Trends – will this be around next month and if not, will you still wear it? Have a look into your existing wardrobe and see what you already have that you can adapt. White top you do not wear anymore? Dye it brown if you want to try the brown trend. Jeans that have stains on the knees? Cut them into boyfriend shorts. 

Mentality – are you purchasing this for the right reasons. Have you considered what impact it may be happening? Nothing has zero impact on the environment, so by looking for those purchases which are mindful and you have thought about is the best thing you can do for the planet.