Accessibility Awareness Day

In honour of it being Accessibility Awareness Day (May 18th), let’s talk about accessibility in fashion. This week’s blog post was meant to be about the latest news in the fashion industry, but after doing some research on what was “new”, we came across a fabulous article about Vogue coming out with a braille version. Yes! This completely changed the course of direction for this week’s blog post because after doing some more research, we found out it is Accessibility Day today! So, let’s talk about it. If you have any other comments or interesting points, please let us know on hello@dopplle or message us on any of our social media accounts!

First up, Vogue. For the first time in its 107 year history, Vogue has released a braille edition of the magazine, making it accessible for those who have a vision impairment, meaning they struggle to see or read. This month’s May edition can be acquired for free in braille, or an online braille file can be received and printed, by emailing The edition is also available in audio format too. This is great news for the fashion industry as it shows that accessibility needs are being heard and hopefully will cause a knock on effect across the whole industry. This is considered the brainchild of Enninful, editor-in-chief of British Vogue since 2017, who is known for his mission to boost inclusivity and representation in fashion. 

Adaptive and accessible clothing items are also becoming more available, including magnetic closing bras made by Liberare! Head over to their TikTok and see how the “smallest details make the biggest difference” for their consumers. Their front closing magnetic bras are revolutionising how the fashion industry can create underwear and lingerie. 

Slick Chicks has also been producing amazing clothes with all bodies in mind. Utilising the clever placement of zips, velcro, closures and other closures to make putting on and off, and wearing clothes, better. Their zip up zip down camis add ease and their trousers mean getting dressed from a seated position has never been more independent. Their TikTok is informative and shows all of the different ways their clothes are helping others. 

There is so much more we could write about but there needed to be an end to this blog. If anything we have written is incorrect/could be phrased in a better way, please let us know! We are all still learning.