24th November Are you going to blackout this Friday?

Are you ready for the infamous holiday that unapologetically celebrates consumerism? Looking forward to getting killer deals? Want to find a sweet price for something that you didn’t know you wanted? Black Friday brings you all of these things, and more! But what is actually happening on Black Friday while we grab these bargains.

Having a day dedicated to deals, gives consumers the sense that they are missing out if they don’t get involved. If someone else is getting a good price, why shouldn’t I? Black Friday encourages overconsumption and unsustainable holiday shopping. Being in the lead up to Christmas, many shoppers will be grabbing deals, with gift giving in mind. This causes large amounts of over purchasing, with items being bought that are not actually suitable or wanted. Hands up if you have purchased something on Black Friday only to realise you never needed it, so now it sits in the back of a cupboard?


So, should I get involved with Black Friday?

Yes and no.

Your attitude towards Black Friday depends on if you are accidently contributing to over consumption, or if you are just trying to find nifty deals for items you actually NEED. This year I have made a small list of items, for myself and others, that I want to purchase. This means I know what I need without getting sidetracked or tempted into purchasing unnecessary “things”. This is my way of avoiding the temptation of consumerism on this unofficial holiday, and getting involved in the BlackOut movement.

What is BlackOut Friday? It is also known as Anti Black Friday. This is the movement trying to change the eyes of consumers. Join in by not purchasing any Black Friday deals, or only purchasing what you already know you need.

GiffGaff, the mobile giant, did a great campaign called “Check Your Drawers” which encourages people to think before they consume. Hopefully more international businesses will follow in their footsteps.

What are Dopplle DOing?

For every swap that happens, we will donate 50p to DENS, our local Dacorum charity helping support homeless people in a variety of ways. Secondly, to help remove pre-loved clothes from our Dopplle Wardrobe that are currently just sitting around, and give them a new home where they can be loved and worn, we are offering a Request One Get One Free through the app, when if you request one item (from dopplle_wardrobe), you can get a second item for free without needing a second Virtual Coin! Request today and send us a message if you have any questions!

What will you do this Black Friday? Will you BlackOut or join in?