Article In Boxmoor Direct

Did you see our article in Boxmoor Direct magazine?

If you didn’t you can read it on this page.

The article gave a insight to the background of Dopplle and gave helpful ideas to encourage their children to start the swapping process by finding some unloved clothes, and to take them back to uni so they can have clothes to use on the Dopplle App.

Once you have found some clothes you are happy to swap, what next?

Search “Dopplle”  on the Apple App store or Google Play store depening on what phone you have, create and account and then list your items.

There are hundreds of different items listed so make sure to fill out the details as best you can and take a few nice photos to help your items stand out.

We will make your clothing carbon neutral each month you’re part of Dopplle – this means your clothing will have no impact* on the environment every month you stay signed up!

We hope you enjoy using the app.