7th March – Beeswax Wraps Workshop – RVC

What a great Beeswax Wraps workshop that was held at the Royal Veterinary College in their SU Pub, The Buttery on the 7th March! Izzie and Sam travelled to the RVC Hitchin campus ready for the workshop. It was held during their Green Week and we were lucky enough to be one of the main events running that week!

Turning up to the beautiful countryside campus, we were excited to see the students who were coming to our workshop. 19 students arrived, looking forward to making some Beeswax wraps, some not even knowing what they were!


After a bit of mingling, we got started by firstly explaining what Dopplle was, as this was the first time we had connected with the RVC students. It turns out the RVC SU run a form of swap shop through their SU hub! Students can drop off unwanted items (not just clothes) and find other items from there  – we love to see initiatives like this on other campuses!

After a demonstration on how to make Beeswax Wraps, the students were off! There was a selection of fabrics for the students to choose from, from plain colours, small bees, tropical plants and more. Once the fabric was chosen, they cut it out into the size they felt was suitable for them, and joined Sam and Izzie on the beeswax table. Once these wraps were created, they could take them home and use them as a replacement for clingfilm! Our favourite use of them is when we cannot find the matching Tupperware lid to the pot, so instead, we can just use a Beeswax Wrap to seal it up!

Want us to come and run a workshop? Contact us at hello@dopplle.com, or find out more about our events here: https://www.dopplle.com/events/.

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