27th November BlackOut: The Black Friday you want to know about.

Is Black Friday worth it?

Anti-Black Friday (also know as BlackOut) has caused ripples in the consumer world, with many brands deciding not to participate in Black Friday. Instead of encouraging our society to impulse purchase and over buy, anti-Black Friday is about educating everyone on how environmentally unfriendly this worldwide shopping day really is.

In comparison to the Black Friday we know, with bright red SALE signs dominating our vision, Canada has viewed this holiday as something else. Since 1992, Black Friday has also been seen as a “Buy Nothing Day”, an annual event which started in Canada to protest against the rising social acceptance of consumerism. Now over 60 countries including the UK are involved with this.

If companies can still make a profit while their items are being sold for 50% the initial retail price, then someone, somewhere is being affected.

Which companies are also getting involved with Anti-Black Friday?

ASDA. Since 2015, ASDA have stopped Black Friday sales after the chaotic videos were posted online of their 2014 sales. To make a point, ASDA went viral due to their Black Friday sales mannequin challenge (seen below) and promises no customers were harmed in the process – unlike the year before… Unfortunately this year the green giant has decided to take part in Black Friday again.


Patagonia. Instead of lowering the prices of their products, Patagonia has promised that for every item bought from them on Black Friday, they will match the price in a donation to grassroots environmental non-profit organisation (early stage organisations), capping their donation at 10 million.

TALA. The well-known sustainable gym wear brand created by the young and successful female entrepreneur Grace Beverly has made a statement by also not taking part in Black Friday. They are closing for Black Friday and giving their staff a well deserved rest. Go to their Instagram to read their whole statement. @wearetala

Next time you see something on sale, think about how that item can be so cheap and if you really need it in your life, or if you just impulse buying.