Past Goals

Once the new set of goals have been sent out, we will move the previous month’s

goals to this page, so you can always see what things you have completed!

1. To create an Instagram post sharing the new Dopplle Ambassador scheme,
   this can be in any style that fits your feed; however, please include
   the hashtag #doppllegangers
2. Download the Dopplle app and upload one pre-loved item to your account.
   If you already have an account, you can skip that step and just upload
   the item of clothing.
3. Share the item you have uploaded to your Dopplle account on Instagram,
   including some basic steps on how to get started on the Dopplle app
   and use the hashtag #doppllegangers
4. Post an Instagram story talking about what Dopplle is and what our
   mission is. Don’t forget to tag @dopplle!
5. RSVP to attend the monthly group call on Monday 25th November at
5:30 pm. This is the link HERE. We cannot
   wait to see how you found your first month as a Dopplle Ambassador.