Course leader mass email

Email to be sent by ambassadors to Director of Studies/Course Leader at universities to explain about dopplle and ask if they could send round a mass email to the students. 


Dear [insert recipient’s name],


[Introduce yourself in whichever way is suitable.]


I hope you are well. I was wondering if it was possible for you to send round a mass email to other students on my course making them aware of a new sustainable app for students that I am a Student Ambassador for. The app encourages students to live a more sustainable lifestyle whilst on a budget by swapping clothes and reducing textile waste. 


Introducing Dopplle – the clothes swapping app for students. Dopplle is a new student lead start-up that promotes sustainable living through fashion and it has launched at [insert your university].


Help save the environment by swapping clothes with other students on your campus. Let’s make sustainable living accessible to everyone. Reduce textile waste, save money and make your lifestyle more sustainable by downloading the Dopplle App now!


Download the app on Android or iPhone, upload an item to give to a new home and get swapping! The more clothes you give to a new home, the more Dopplle Coins you receive which you can use to get free clothes from others. 


Thank you!

[insert your name here]