10th March – Dopplle App Tips and Tricks

What can you use to make the most of the Dopplle app and make your sustainable swapping experience even better? Here are some of the Dopplle Teams’ main tips and tricks that they use to make the most out of the Dopplle app.


Did you know you can get a Dopplle Coin almost immediately?* Upload any pre-loved item  to your Dopplle wardrobe ready to swap with another user. Make sure to add in your items details in full and that you have filled in as much detail as possible. You can submit this item to be reviewed by the Dopplle Team. If it has been filled out correctly we will approve it and give you your Dopplle Coin in advance! What does this mean? Instead of waiting for another Doppller to request your item, receive it and approve it, you can start your swapping journey straight away. Once you have your Dopplle Coin, you can browse and request items immediately.

*subject to if we are awake to approve it or not!

Keep your Location up to date 🏡

Moving around the country a bit? Want to limit how much postage you pay for when swapping on the Dopplle app? This tip is for you. 

When staying in a new place, it is definitely worth changing your location to reflect that. Not only will you be able to see new items that are closer to you, but you can then plan to swap items in a mutually safe location, without having to pay for postage and packaging! Limiting the amount of P&P that goes on is a major goal of ours, so if you’re near a swapper with some fab items, take advantage and get your hands on some “new-to-you” pieces. 

Follow your favourite fashionistas 👗

Love some Doppllers outfits and clothes? If you want to be the first to know when a Doppller uploads some “new” pre-loved clothes, this feature is perfect. 

Our following feature gives you the chance to keep up to date with your favourite Doppllers and their pre-loved items. Find a user either through the Browse page or your old Swaps, click on their profile and give them a follow. You will get notifications every time they upload something new so you can have first dibs on their items! We love this so much!

Hopefully these will help you get swapping more! Let us know if you have any other tips that we haven’t mentioned here – it may even be a new tip for us… Don’t just swap it, Dopplle it!