21st December Dopplle Stitched 2022

2022 was quite the year!

For Dopplle, it was all about developing our app to make it even better for you. That’s why we spent time updating how our app looks and adding loads of fun new features. We now want to celebrate our achievements together as a community.

Here Are Our biggest moments in 2022

One of the most exciting features we added to Dopplle this year is the “My Badges” feature. This feature allows users to earn fun badges by completing various tasks within the app, such as uploading 5 items, completing their profile, and requesting their first item. To view the badges that are available to earn, simply go to “My Profile” in the app.

At Dopplle, our main goal is to reduce fast fashion and its impact on the environment. This year, we welcomed 1,654 new users to our platform, and they completed a total of 1,565 swaps. These swaps prevented the production of approximately 10 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the emissions from driving a car around the world four times! Our users searched over 20,000 on browse Dopplle, helping them find the perfect item to add to their wardrobe.

We have participated in 27 events throughout the year, including the freshers’ fair and swap shops, where local communities came together to learn about Dopplle and swap some pre-loved clothes. If you want to join in on the fun, keep an eye out for our upcoming events on social media. We can’t wait to see you at our next swap shop!

We have created a fun video, Dopplle Stitched, of our best moments from 2022. Click here to check it out and share it with your friends! (Inspired by Spotify wrapped)

More Fun Facts

During the year, the users we onboarded were from over 55 different universities and colleges. By doing this, we could attend more events!

We re-launched the Dopplle Brand Ambassador scheme making it more fun and engaging! If you want to become an ambassador, click here to learn more.

We posted over 300 items on Instagram & Facebook, growing our community by sharing new items to Dopplle, fun offers and tips to becoming more eco-friendly.

Thank you for sharing 2022 with us. We cannot wait to see what is on the table for us in 2023!