21st April – Earth Day. Putting Earth on the national agenda since 1970.

53 years ago, Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day. He wanted to force the ever growing concern of environmental issues onto the national agenda, and this has continued to work since 1970. 53 years later and Earth Day is now recognised by over 1 billion people each year. 

By the end of 1970, the US government had listened, and had successfully created the Environmental Protection Agency. The demonstrations that arose the following 20 years meant that by 1990, Earth Day became a global awareness day that has continued to grow and reach more people each year. 

Earth Day is the same day each year, 22nd April, and everyone across the globe celebrates it differently, but with one goal in mind, to promote the protection of the Earth. This Earth Day, consider these changes you can make and initiate discussions with your friends and family. 

Here are some small things you can start doing from Earth Day onwards to help make a difference. Remove plastic in the neighbourhood by picking up when you see it, even if it is not your waste. Plant wildflowers and native plants to help support biodiversity and pollinators. Conserve water and consider reusing your grey water for your plants or garden, and maybe put a block or a filled plastic jug in the cistern of your toilet to reduce the amount of water in each flush (do people still put bricks in their toilet to do this as from our research it isn’t recommended to do anymore to help the longevity of your toilet!).

This isn’t just an annual event. Every day is Earth Day but having an awareness day each year gives everyone the opportunity to focus on what they can do to positively change their lifestyle to benefit the environment around us.

What is Earth Day? Is Earth Day the same each year? What can I do this Earth Day? Where did Earth Day start? How did Earth Day start? 22nd April.