Can I use my front and back camera?

Yes, you can.

We recommend using your back camera for most photos of the items as it will take a better quality photo. You can use your front camera if needed.

Can I change the order of the photos on an item?

No, you are unable to change the order of your photos of an item. The only way you can change the order is to delete them all and re-add them again in the correct order that you want them.

Alternatively, you use the thumbnail icon on the picture editor to make different images the thumbnail for that item.

How should I take a photo of an item?

Display the item on a plain background and take a few clear photos of the front, back and any other details of the item.

Access to my camera isn’t allowed?

Go to your phone settings, find the Dopplle camera settings and change to allow the camera to be used in the app.

If this doesn’t work, delete the app and re-download it. Make sure you allow the camera to be used in the app this time around when the pop-up appears.