How to add a new item?

Click the add a new item button, add photos of the items followed by a title, description and categories.

How to browse Dopplle?

Click the browse Dopplle button, here you will be able to see all other users items available for swapping. You can refine your searches by using the search bar along with the filters, clicking the item to view the item with more details, sending messages and requesting the item.

How to see my trades?

All trades are accessed from ‘My Trades’, it is separated into 4 parts.

Liked – When you like an item by clicking the Heart Icon on an item it will be shown here. You can like as many items as you want for viewing later.
I Want – Any requests you have made to another users items are displayed here.

Requests – Any requests for your items from other users are displayed here.

Completed – Here is a log of all completed trades.

This section can also be accessed from the side menu.

How to see my items?

Any items that you have added will be accessible from the ‘My Items’ section. There are 4 tabs DraftActive, In Trade and Swapped.

Draft – Any items you haven’t finished adding information to will be shown here, you can edit them at any time. To make it an active listing so other Dopplle users can see it, click the ‘Publish’ button. If your item has all the required fields filled in then your item will be published and you will receive 1 Dopplle Coin.

Active – All items shown are listed and other Dopplle users can browse and request them. If you want to move an item back to draft you just click the ‘Save draft’ option. If you have already received a coin for this item you can only save to draft if you have a positive number of credits on your account, please email hello@dopplle.com if you need to put the item to draft.

In Trade – Any items which are currently in trade will be shown here. Once a trade has begun the item will not be able to edit.

Swapped– Any items which have been traded in the past will show here.

How do I see my profile?

Clicking your profile image or name from the Dashboard will take you to the Profile editor where you can update your photo, update your details and change your password.

You can also access this screen by clicking your image on the side menu.