Dopplle Coins

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Dopplle Coins


What are Dopplle coins?

Dopple Coins are what we call credits within the app.

How do they work?

All trades within the Dopplle app are made within a closed ecosystem, so no money will change hands. Dopplle Coins are your virtual currency.

How do I get a Dopplle Coin?

You gain a coin by trading one of your items with another Doppller (user). To get started, add your clothing items to the app and wait for the requests to fly in.

How do I ‘spend’ my Dopplle Coins?

You can ‘spend’ your Dopplle Coins by trading another Doppller’s (user’s) item. Browse through the available items within your university or college group and start requesting!

How do I know how many Dopplle Coins I have?

On the top left of the dashboard, you will be able to see the number of Coins you have available to ‘spend’.

How many Dopplle coins should I allocate to each item?

Each item is automatically valued at 1 Dopplle Coin. However, you can change this in the ‘Pricing’ section when uploading or editing your item. Currently the options are either 0 or 1 Coins.

Why would I use the zero coins option?

Ther zero coins option is great if you would like to gift your item to another Doppller. By doing this, you can give your clothing a new lease of life and a nice new home.