How do I see a message?

When a message comes through, you will receive a notification and an email. You can either click the notification to take you into the app or read the email.

How do I reply to a message?

All messages can only be sent through the Dopplle app. You can either open the messages section and click the message you’d like to reply to or click on ‘My Items’ and find the item you have received a message about, head over to the messages tab to reply.

How do I view past messages?

Click the envelope icon on the dashboard, then ‘click load all messages’.

Can everyone see my messages on items?

No, only the recipient of the message will see your message on an item.

Can I message a user after a trade is completed?

Yes, you can. First, go to My Items, click the Completed tab, and click the item you’d like to message about. Scroll to the bottom of the item as you usually would and send a message.