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Want to improve your chances of swapping with other Doppllers? Make sure you’ve included full details in your app profile so other Doppllers know who they’re trading with. Read more below about how to maximise your profile and make it stand out.

1. On the app dashboard, you will see your profile icon with your name underneath. Click on this to get started.


2. Add a profile photo by clicking on the camera icon at the top.


3. Select your gender and fill in all your basic details below, if you haven’t done so already. Click update.


4. Select ‘About Me’ from the bar at the top and select the most appropriate options from the dropdown boxes.


5. Now, select ‘Locations’ from the bar at the top. Your location is automatically set to ‘Home’, which is your primary address. You can add multiple locations in here and toggle between them if you are moving around.


6. Click Password if you would like to change your password at any time.