How do I access my profile?

To open "My Profile" you can either click your profile picture on your dashboard, or by opening the burger menu and clicking the profile picture


Clicking your profile image or username at the top of the Dashboard in the grey boxed section will take you to the Profile editor where you can update your photo, personal details, view your badges, add locations and change your password.

Please note: You can also access this screen by clicking your profile image on the side menu.

What options are in my profile?

In "My Profile" there are 5 different tabs:

My profile

  • Where you can add a profile picture.
  • Edit your Name, Gender, Email address, Mobile number, and Date of birth.
  • You can also add a short piece of text telling other users about who you are and your style.
  • On this tab, you can also delete your account.

My Badges

  • This section shows all the badges you have collected and all the badges you can collect.

About me

  • Here you can give Doppllers more information about yourself, such as your Current Job, University, Course, Academic Year and Main Interest.


  • This section lets you add, edit and delete your locations.


  • Here you can change your password.

Please note: After making any changes click the "Update" button.

Can I have more than 1 location?

Yes, you can have as many locations as you'd like.

How do I add a new location?

To add a new location.

Open "My profile" then navigate to "My Locations".

Here you can click the "Add location" button, and a pop-up will then show asking you to enter the address details.

Once you have added the information, click "Set location". Give your location a name and type, then press "Save".

Why do you need my location?

We need your location to show you relevant items on Browse Dopplle, as well as, giving you the option to ship items to your address.

For more details have a look at our various policies.

How do I unlock badges?

On the "My Badges" tab there are many badges you can unlock.

To unlock a badge, click on the greyed-out version and follow the on-screen instructions.