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Step by step:
-Weigh your package (if it is less than 500g and no bigger than A4 and no thicker than 2.5cm then Royal Mail is the best option),otherwise it is better to send through Parcel2Go.
-Buyer to send the cost of postage to the seller through PayPal with the reference number from the swap.
-Purchase label and attach to packaging .

Royal Mail
Royal Mail is great if you have easy access to a local post office and your parcel is light and small.

Parcel2Go is good for heavier and thicker parcels, they also have a bigger range of drop off location.

How to ship
When shipping an item the buyer should be responsible for paying the postage of the swap.This can be arranged through buyer and seller discussion and paid through PayPal for security.

Royal Mail
Sending parcels through Royal Mail is ideal for smaller and lighter items. When packaging up the item if it is no bigger than 35.3cm by 25cm and is no thicker than 2.5cm, you can send the items as a large letter. Different weights will vary the cost slightly;
– 100g is 96p
– 250g is £1.53
– 500g is £1.99
– 750g is £2.70
Once decided, head to the Royal Mail website and fill in the address and purchase the label.Attach the label to the packaging and Post at your local post office to get a proof of sending receipt. Take a picture and send to the buyer.

Sending through Parcel2Go is good for larger and heavier items. Once packaged head to Parcel2Go, add in your parcel dimensions and the address of the buyer. Search though the list to find the sender that works best for you and the buyer. Enter in all the correct information onto the selected sender and purchase the label. Follow the instructions provided with the purchase of the label, making sure to send any postage proof to the buyer.

Please feel free to save the image below as a quick reference.