What is Dopplle?

Dopplle is a platform that promotes sustainable living through fashion. Our goal is to reduce textile waste by encouraging people to swap clothes, giving them a new life. We’ve designed an app which provides a platform to exchange clothes, ensuring you are able to look good whilst on a budget.

How to Download Dopplle?

You can download Dopplle from Google Play Store or Apple Store using the links below.



How can I use Dopplle?

After downloading the app, you will need to create an account. Once the account is created you will be able to browse other users’ items, list your own items, request items and send messages.

How do I turn on notifications?

When you sign up to Dopplle for the first time, a pop up will ask you to ‘enable notifications’. Choose ‘yes’ - this way you’ll be notified about your items or messages.


If you said no and want to change this, go to your phone settings and turn on notifications.


For Android
Settings >> Notifications >> App Notifications >> Select Dopplle and turn notifications on.


For Apple
Settings >> Notifications >> Select Dopplle and turn notifications on.


There is also an option within the Dopplle App where you can enable Notifications.
To access this just click the Menu icon >> Settings >> Make sure the Enable push notifications option is turned on.

How do I turn off notifications?

If you would like to turn off Dopplle Notifications, go to the Dopplle App Settings.


To access this just click the Menu icon >> Settings >> Make sure the Enable push notifications option is turned off.


Alternatively there are some other notification options in this section that you can adjust rather than turning them off completely.


What Can I Upload?

You can upload:


Women’s, men’s and unisex clothing. (no underwear or lingerie)


Generally we will accept any brand and the clothes must be in good condition. Don't upload an item that you wouldn't request yourself.


Have a look through your wardrobe and see what items you don't wear anymore.

Can I View The Tutorial Screens Again?

Yes you can!
If you chose to skip all the tutorials but want to see them again, you can re-enable them by:


Opening the Menu >> Click Settings >> At the bottom of the page click Reset Tutorials button.


Now the tutorials screens will be shown.

Can I Follow A User?

Yes, following a user is very simple and a great way to be notified when they list new items.


To follow a user:


- Go to Browse Dopplle
- Click on an item
- On the item preview page you will see the owner's username under the photos
- Click the username.
- This will show you all of the items that user has listed on the Dopplle App.
- Click the Follow button by their profile image


Now you will be notified when they list anything new, which will help you grab that new piece of clothing you may not of known you wanted!

What are Badges?

Located within the Profile Section of the app is an area called My Badges.


This is a fun way to use the app, and there are lots to unlock. All of the badges displayed can be clicked, and by doing this will show you the requirement to unlock that particular badge.


Once a badge has been unlocked it will show up coloured. Clicking on an unlocked badge will tell you the details of when you earned it.


Your badges will show on your public profile if another user looks at your username, and you can look at other users badges in the same way, just click their usernames when browsing.


New badges will be added, so keep an eye out!

Help I can’t log in

Make sure you are using the correct username and password to log in and that your account has been confirmed via email or text.


If you are sure the username is correct please try to reset your password by pressing Login >> ‘Forgot Password?’.


Enter the email address used for your account. Shortly after requesting a new password, an email will be sent with instructions and it will also display your username.


Make a note of this and try again or reset your password to start fresh. If you still cannot log in after all options please email and we will help you out!

I can’t remember my password?

On the login screen there is a button – ‘Forgot Password?’. Click this and follow the instructions to reset your password.

When signing up it asked - Do you have a code? What is this?

This is for new users of the Dopplle app. There may be promotional codes available  at events to use, which you can put in here. (The codes are case sensitive, so please add them as displayed).