How do I request an item?

Once you have found an item, you’d like to click the cart icon to request it. The owner will be notified that you are interested in the item.

What shipping options are available?

When you request an item, you can choose from three different available shipping options:

Pick up in person
Dopplle Collection Point
My address – Home

Please Note: They may not all be available as this is dependent on what the seller offers.

What should I do if there is an inappropriate listing?

When browsing items, if you come across a listing that is inappropriate, whether it be due to the photos or the wording of a listing, you can report it, and the Dopplle Staff will look into it.

How do I submit a report?

Each item has a ‘Report It’ button, which is located underneath the thumbnail. Click here to fill out a report.

Can I reject someone requesting my item?

Yes, you can. If auto-approve is not on that item, you can accept or reject the trade (You can also provide a reason for rejecting).

How do I like an item?

When browsing items, click on the heart icon in the top right-hand corner of the thumbnail. Or, when viewing the full details of an item, click the heart to like it. To view all liked items, go to My Items and Liked Items.

Please Note: To, Unlike an item, unclick the heart icon.

What are Dopplle Coins?

Dopplle Coins are our virtual currency. All trades within the Dopplle app are made within a closed ecosystem so that no money will change hands.

How do I get Dopplle Coins?

You earn coins by uploading an item with all the required fields filled correctly. Alternatively, you can get a coin when someone completes a trade for one of your pre-loved items.

Please Note: If you received a Dopplle Coin when uploading an item, you will not receive an additional Dopplle Coin on a completed trade for that item.

How do I edit my items?

Navigate to My Items and the relevant section (Draft or Active) and click on the thumbnail to edit.

Please Note: if a trade is active on the item, you will not be able to edit the item’s details.

How do I remove my items?

Navigate to My Items and the relevant section (Draft or Active) and click on the thumbnail. Scroll down and click the red delete button.

Please Note: if you received a Dopplle coin when uploading, you will only be able to delete the item if you have a positive amount of Dopplle Coins on your account.

Can I filter my searches?

Yes, you can. When in Browse Dopplle, click on the Filter icon at the top right of the page. From here, refine your search using the different categories or locations and apply the filter. 

How do I clear my search filters?

Click the filter icon and then push ‘Clear’ on the top right, followed by apply.