3rd March Free Coin for All Users

One FREE Coin Banner

For 2 weeks starting on 9th March through to 22nd March Dopplle are giving all of our users a free Dopplle coin to their accounts. This also includes any new users that sign up within the offer time. All you need to remember is, you have 2 weeks to use the free coin, if you don’t manage to spend the coin it will be removed from your account on 22nd March. You can use this to request an item from a Dopplle user and effectively getting a free item of clothing!

There are hundred of items to choose from, you can either search locally or nationally. If you see something that requires postage, we ask that the requestor pays for the shipping. You can discuss and arrange using the messaging system in the app.

One final treat for this offer, each day Dopplle will be releasing a IOD (Item of the Day) using the account Dopplle_Wardrobe. These pieces have been hand picked and one they have gone they have gone, so you will need to be quick. Login each day to see what the new item is!

We hope you enjoy this offer, and that you find some new clothes for your wardrobe – take a look at some of our Recent Items.