27th January Happy 3rd Birthday Dopplle

3 years (officially) later and Dopplle is still growing and evolving! Sam and I remember sitting at university, 150 miles away from each other, calling about how awful it was that we couldn’t share our wardrobes with each other anymore, and how we didn’t want to purchase new clothes due to the negative environmental and ethical impacts. 

Creating Dopplle, a place for students and local neighbours to swap their pre-loved clothing, has been a rollercoaster, so thank you to everyone who has continuously supported us. 

We thought we would share some of our favourite Dopplle highlights over the past year!

This September we visited a record number of universities during Freshers Weeks – 15 universities and student communities got to hear all about Dopplle!

Recognition through Dopplle has appeared in many forms including some Grants, being shortlisted for the Festival of Sustainable Business Awards and more.

Izzie became one of Bath University’s Innovation Award Holders.

Sam was filmed by her Entrepreneurship Department at the University of Nottingham to talk about Dopplle, which is now being shared campus wide, and to prospective students.

The constant support we receive from everyone around Dopplle and in Dopplle. Thank you!

Exciting things to look forward to from Dopplle!

Bath and Hemel Swap Shops coming up! We cannot wait to be reunited with Doppllers who want to swap their pre-loved clothes with us.

App Updates – think being able to follow other users is useful? Keep an eye out for our next update.

Ambassadors? Yes! We are constantly looking for new Doppllers who want to help us spread the word.

Our birthday celebrations are continuing over on our Instagram! Head over and get involved for a chance to win a hand-picked
Mystery Box of clothes from Dopplle’s Wardrobe! Get a present from us, full of pre-loved garms! 

Let’s change how fashion is discovered – don’t just swap it, Dopplle it!

Love, Dopplle xx 🧡