18th March – Hemel Swap Shop Success

One of our busiest swap shops yet with a record amount of clothes saved from landfill. Almost double the amount of swappers came to our event which was incredible to see. Nearly 400 items of clothing were either swapped in, or given a new home, meaning this event alone saved 2524 kg of CO2 by giving these items a second life. 


The event started for the Dopplle Team on Friday night, where we unloaded all of our clothes from the cars and into the room. We had bought over 1000 items to the event from our Dopplle Wardrobe, giving our swappers even more to choose from. 

Saturday morning, after we had organised the clothes a bit more, set up our check in and check out stations, and ran around the sports centre several times to make sure all our posters and banners were up and looking good, we were ready to start the event! 

How many clothes were donated? See our photo, where we were trying to mimic how this would have looked like, had it ended up in landfill!


Once the doors opened, we did not have the rush we anticipated. I guess, who’s first thought on a Saturday is “ohh, got to get to the Dopplle Swap Shop early”?

Once people started arriving, we were constantly busy, with anywhere from 3-14 people in our swap shop at once! 

A third of our swappers were returners, having come to a Dopplle swap shop before, so they knew exactly what to expect. Two thirds of our swappers were new Doppllers and we were so excited to meet them. Getting them started on their swapping journey has never been easier if you come along to a Dopplle event first!

@dopplle Our Hemel swap shop! Who wants to come to our next one? ♻️💃🏻 #swapshop #dopplleit #sustainablefashion ♬ Good Vibes (Instrumental) - Ellen Once Again


Our most memorable moment of the event was when we had so many people in the room, swapping and trying on clothes, we had to get our back up pop up changing tents out – something we weren’t expecting… see image above!

We really loved being back in Hemel swapping clothes and seeing local inhabitants care about their clothing journey, not just when they own them, but the life they had before, and where they go after. 

We cannot wait to be back in Hemel soon! 

Head over to our Tiktok or our Instagram to see a small glimpse of how our event went. FOMOS (Fear Of Missing Out Swapping)? Follow us on our socials @dopplle to keep an eye on when our next event will be, or regularly check out the events page!