16th March – How to get the most out of a Dopplle Swap Shop

With our next big Swap Shop around the corner at Hemel Hempstead Sports Centre (18th March), we decided to put together a small blog to explain how to get the most out of your Dopplle Swap Shop experience!

In advance of coming to the Swap Shop, have a spring clean and a clear out of your wardrobe! Choose 10 items of good quality and condition to ensure they will be accepted as we want to make sure it is a fair swapping experience for everyone. Want to bring more than 10 items? That is fine, any items over 10 will be a donation so you can clear out your wardrobe knowing your pre-loved clothes are going to a great home!

Bring your friends! The more the merrier and then you can see what other swappers have bought and there will be even more to browse through. Don’t get FOMOS (Fear Of Missing Out Swapping)!

Download the app beforehand. Want to have a quick check-in and get swapping ASAP? Download the Dopplle app, make an account and you will be swapping within seconds (we hope)!

Browse before you swap! On the Dopplle app, head to @dopplle_wardrobe – these are most of the items we will be bringing to the swap shop! We have lots on there and when you check in, ask a Dopplle helper to aid you in finding an item you saw on the app! Hot tip: give it a like ❤️ on the app so you can find it easily upon arrival. 

Do not force yourself to use up all of your Dopplle Coins in one go by taking up to the max amount of items away as you have bought, you will not lose your Dopplle Coins! If you still have some (or all) of your Coins left over, head over to the app and use them there. We do not want you to take away clothes that you do not LOVE. This is why looking for items on the app is so much better for the environment and for you. Browse the app and find an item you are in love with, instead of one you like just so you can use up your Dopplle Coin. 

Finally, follow us on our socials. We have them all (we think)! Watch our TikToks, engage with our Instas and retweet our Tweets. To make the most of your Dopplle Swap shop, look out for on the day updates and check out what is doing on at the Dopplle Hub. 

Don’t just swap it, Dopplle it!