16th December I’m Dreaming of a Sustainable Christmas!….

As Christmas approaches, many of us are looking for ways to make our celebrations more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Follow along to find out how to reduce your impact this christmas! 

“I’m… Dreaming…. Of a Sustainable…. Christmasssssss!”

Wrapping Christmas presents is one of the biggest waste products during the holiday season. Here are a few fun ways to environmentally friendly your presents this christmas! 

If you or one of your family members still reads the newspaper, grab some old ones and find some interesting stories to wrap your presents in. Maybe try a theme like sports articles?

Old magazines
I know I have a few old fashion magazines lying around with some beautiful photos (some which are festive), so have a go at wrapping some stylish presents with them. 
Gift bags – gift bags can be reused every year, and my family love them. We have a series of Christmas gift bags that presents are put in and we make sure to keep them nice, ready to be reused next year!

Fabric and scarfs
Last year I had a go at wrapping some of the more odd shaped gifts in fabric, and it worked a treat! It looks great and also meant I didn’t need to fight with the wrapping paper….

Fun Fact!
My grandma was apparently a great believer in reusing wrapping paper, so bought foil based wrapping paper one year, which did not crease or tear. This meant my grandads present each year was wrapped in the same paper – showing that a good quality product can be used again and again!

Christmas cards
Make your own card this year, you can add personal touches and it will be cherished. Add some photos of the great memories you have had together at christmas time if you want too. 
Digital cards are on the rise, though some may say they aren’t as exciting as receiving snail mail (which we agree, we love hearing the letter box go) but they will reduce the amount of paper wasted. 

Fun Fact!
Our neighbours would send a blank Christmas card to us each year, and we would return it in January for her to reuse it for another family the next year. This only worked because we knew her and she would hand deliver them each time but maybe a small group of your friends could start this weird and sustainable tradition? See how many years it takes for you to get your original Christmas card back!

Gift ideas 
Reduce your gift giving and instead buy things with meaning that will be used and are long-lasting. 
Look for second hand items, in charity shops and on online marketplaces. You may be surprised at what you can pick up locally. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”… 
Buy them an experience you can do together, like the theatre or mini golf or rock climbing. That way you are making memories at the same time!
Finally, have a go at some homemade gifts, like baking a cake or sewing a pillowcase. Maybe even try a new hobby!

By making a few simple changes, you can have a sustainable and environmentally friendly Christmas that will help protect the planet and reduce your impact on the environment. Happy holidays!

Encourage a sustainable christmas discussion this holiday – here are a few questions you can use to prompt your conversation about positive and negative environmental impacts this December. Comment on our insta with the questions youre going to ask this Christnmas and use the #doppllewantstoknow !

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