6th January New Year, New Me

Happy New Year! We’re very excited to be in 2021 now?

Even though you may not be heading back to uni for now, you may be  looking to make resolutions or turn over a new leaf in 2021. With this in mind, we have created a list of ideas on how to refresh your wardrobe. New year, new you can start at home, from your wardrobe!

Get Inspired

Want to spruce up your style? Get reading! There’s a tonne of inspiration and fashion icons to take a gander at in magazines, blogs and across social media. Instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok are all great places to inspire your creativity.

Get Focussed

By focussing on a section of your wardrobe at a time, you’ll be able to see more clearly what you have and where you have gaps. Use these gaps to buy essential pieces and create a capsule collection that will last you years to come.


Accessories are as important as clothes. Use pieces that you already have to refresh your look, mix and match, and wear things in different ways. Why not reuse a statement scarf to tie onto your bag for a refreshed and updated look?

Change your beauty look

It’s not just clothes that can make you feel like a new person, your overall look can have an even bigger impact. Have a think about changing up your beauty or hair routine to jazz things up a bit. Maybe a new haircut, or finally trying out that new lipstick you got over the Christmas break!


Upcycle and rework pieces that you already have in your collection to make them feel like new again. Think about maybe changing the length of a skirt, adding patches to a denim jacket or adding some colourful stitching to the pocket on your jeans!

Swap and Donate

Make way for the new by getting rid of some of the old. Upload some of your pre-loved items into the Dopplle app to swap them with other users, or use the zero coin option to gift them to others for free.

So what are you waiting for? Tag us @Dopplle with your new looks!