11th January New Years Resolutions

Dopplle’s New Year’s resolutions and how you can create your own to stick to!

Our Resolutions

At Dopplle, we are constantly striving to make the planet a better place to be, and for us, we focus on fast fashion. Our goal with Dopplle is to combat fast fashion with our clothes swapping app. This app gives you a chance to prolong the lifecycle of items by swapping pre-loved clothing.

This year our focus will be on encouraging and showing our Doppllers how simple it is to make a positive change.

Making Resolutions

When it comes to New Year planning, we like to head over to Pinterest and gather images that relate to the goals we are setting for ourselves and  Dopplle. These images could be anything; a dress could represent our goal of swapping more pre-loved clothes this year.

Once we have images for all our goals, we like to put them into a collage using a digital art app. This collage represents everything we want to achieve during the year and can be used for screen backgrounds and posters in the office and at home, reminding us of our goals.

Share your New Year’s goals with #dopplleit