15th November November App Update

We have been working with our developer and have added a bunch of cool, new features, made some major improvements and squished some bugs. Here are our top 3 new features that we are excited about!

Badge Feature

You can now earn fun badges for completing different tasks within the Dopplle app. For example, when you upload an item of clothing, you will receive a ‘First Upload’ badge.

There are 17 badges you can earn. To learn what badges are up for grabs, head to the ‘My Profile’ tab on your account. From there, you can see colour-unlocked badges and grey-locked badges.

To find out what you have to do to unlock a badge, click the icon and follow the simple steps.

Dashboard Refresh

To continue refreshing the app, we have now given the dashboard a new look. It is now even easier to navigate the screen. We have added a section at the bottom to display the top 10 recent items.

If you like what you see, click on the image, and the app will take you to the item preview page. We have also added a new section, so we can share the top tips, upcoming events and the latest on Dopplle. Keep an eye out to see what we share!

Approx Location

We have added an orange circle onto the map so you can see the approx location of the item you want. This gives you an idea of whether you can meet with the seller and swap the item in person or if you need to arrange to have the item posted to you.

To help with this, there is now a pop-up that displays if the item is x miles away from you, giving you a warning that you will need to arrange to have the item posted. We hope that these make your swapping journey easier.

We hope that these new features are helpful and make Dopplle easy and fun to use. If you haven’t got the app installed yet, download it here, and start your sustainable fashion journey!

The Dopplle Team 🧡