10th November Renting, Swapping and Sharing!

Fast fashion is so last century. The new startup Dopplle is creating a free platform for students to swap their clothes within a community of like-minded people. Want to learn more about swapping clothes? Continue to read this blog to learn about the process of swapping and sharing clothes.

What is clothes swapping and how does it work?

The idea of clothes swapping originated from the traditional swap shop events, where people exchange items they no longer wear for credits. They can then swap those credits for other people’s pre-loved clothing. The events offer people the chance to not only refresh their wardrobes but also lets them do this sustainably too. Dopplle uses a similar concept, where students can upload clothes they no longer wear and receive Dopplle Coins which give them access to other users items.

Have you ever been to a swap shop before? Well if you haven’t why not download Dopplle and try our virtual version out!

What is meant by Renting or Sharing clothes?

Renting clothes lets’ people open their wardrobes up for others to temporarily borrow their clothes. Normally this is arranged so that one person will borrow another person’s item of clothing for a set amount of time, before returning the item in the same condition. It is a great way to try out different styles without committing to anything.

What is your opinion on renting or sharing clothes? Do you think that you’d like to try out something like this?

Have a safe and sustainable week.

Love, The Dopplle Team 🧡