Santander UK Grant

More satsumas are on the way! 🍊

Dopplle are getting ready for Freshers and Welcome Weeks of 2022. Universities and colleges, watch out as Dopplle cannot wait to meet all the new and returning students.

We are pleased to announce that as the next academic year is approaching, we have been fortunate to receive a Santander UK Universities entrepreneurship grant! Thank you so much to Santander UK and University of Bath for this opportunity. The funding Dopplle are receiving from this will help us get even more #Doppllers involved, not just students!

Remember our table full of #satsumas at the #Freshers fairs last year? Well thanks to this funding, we can now buy even more satsumas for you all!

👀 Thank you to Nicholas Davies, Rosanna Christou and Claire Shipton for this opportunity.