26th July – Sustainable Fashion Show

What an incredible evening full of fashion, environmental awareness and positive vibes. The Future Leap Sustainable Fashion Show had 7 fabulous sustainable and ethical designers take part in an evening showcasing their designs and outfits. 

Nearly two weeks ago, Dopplle took part in our first Fashion Show, and also our first Sustainable Fashion Show, at that! After finding out we were dressing 4 models with pre-loved Dopplle clothes from our @dopplle_wardrobe, we could not contain our excitement, and started to think up what outfits our models could wear, and what models we would get!

We collaborated with stylist Tara Grace from Bonomini, who helped create four fabulous outfits for our models. Our four models were Hannah, Daryl, Charlie and Moon, and the pictures they sent us gave us a great idea of their styles and what they like to wear. When Tara and I first met, we discussed what fashion and clothing meant to us and how we wanted to bring that into the show. Showcasing how each individual had their own style was important and we made sure to incorporate that when creating their outfits. For this fashion show, we let the models choose what they were going to wear down the runway (and we did help them of course 😉)! Tara and I pulled lots of different pieces from Dopplle and matched them up with each model, and then started creating outfits based on these items. After creating 2-4 options for each model, we could not wait to show them!

Organising outfits with Tara was so much fun, and a whirlwind of different styles, ideas, fashion and meanings. The fittings were a dream and each model found an outfit they loved – or so they told us! Charlie was mildly persuaded to pop on the leather jacket, but it is such a statement piece, it really made the whole outfit. Hannah’s photos that we were sent in advance gave us a more vintage vibe and so finding those classic pieces for her to choose from was really important for us. Streetwear inspired outfits is what we curated for Daryl and he found an outfit he felt comfortable in too, and Moon had some awesome black boots which needed to be paired with the tartan mini skirt.

 If you want to read more about our vision and how we wanted Dopplle to be presented, see below!

Our notes, outfit ideas, visions, piccys of the models, and general information when creating the outfits!

When the day of the Fashion Show came around, we were all so excited! Showing up at the Future Leap Hub (Gloucester Road) hours early meant we got to see all of the activities taking place in preparation for the evening event. Tara was photographing the evening too, and lots of other exciting people kept appearing! The hairdressers for the evening were from Bonomini and did an amazing job on each model’s hair, matching it to the vibe of the outfits and taking in all accommodations (some outfits required hats!).

The busy rush before the show started was beautiful chaos, last minute try-ons, one designer physically cutting a pair of trousers shorter for the model (wow), hair pins flying and the whiff of hairspray drifting in from outside. Just before the show started, Tara and I grabbed Charlie, Moon, Daryl and Hannah, so we could get some pictures of the outfits before the daylight went. These turned out INCREDIBLE, but here is a glimpse from some phone pictures.

The fashion show itself, amazing, surrounded by plants, the sun was setting behind us giving everything a warm, gold glow. All the models and outfits looked amazing and Katie from Future Leap did some great explorations and introductions for each designer. 

This event has shown us that we would love to get involved with more fashion shows and bring more designers together! So, watch this space….