Testing Brief

Thank you for your interest in testing the new Dopplle app!

We are now looking for users to test it out and give us constructive criticism. The sooner we get our app tested by potential users, the sooner we can make it LIVE!

Everything you do on the app is “hypothetical” eg. You will NOT sell any clothes and you will NOT buy any clothes at this stage – this is purely for testing.

If you would like to be involved:

1st step: Download Dopplle. Please click the various app store icons below.

Dopplle On Apple Store

2nd Step: Click HERE to join the Facebook group for all our Dopplle app testers!

3rd Step: We would like all testers to run through a range of different things on the app, there will be items that have been added from the Dopplle staff, you will be able to identify these items because the owners’ name will be have Dopplle in front, e.g. Dopplle_Izzie. You will also see items from other testers, you are more than welcome to test between yourselves too.
After running through the steps below please let us know your feedback on how easy you found it.

The Overview:

[apress_info_list_wrapper conector_enable=””][apress_info_list title=”Download App” data_animation=”fadeIn” icon_type=”number” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#f26926″ icon_border_color=”#f26926″ title_font_options=”tag:h3″ content_font_options=”tag:div”][/apress_info_list][apress_info_list title=”Set Locations” data_animation=”fadeIn” icon_type=”number” info_list_number=”02″ icon_color=”#f26926″ icon_border_color=”#f26926″ title_font_options=”tag:h3″ content_font_options=”tag:div”][/apress_info_list][apress_info_list title=”List Items” data_animation=”fadeIn” icon_type=”number” info_list_number=”03″ icon_color=”#f26926″ icon_border_color=”#f26926″ title_font_options=”tag:h3″ content_font_options=”tag:div”][/apress_info_list][/apress_info_list_wrapper]
[apress_info_list_wrapper conector_enable=””][apress_info_list title=”Browse Items” data_animation=”fadeIn” icon_type=”number” info_list_number=”04″ icon_color=”#f26926″ icon_border_color=”#f26926″ title_font_options=”tag:h3″ content_font_options=”tag:div”][/apress_info_list][apress_info_list title=”Request An Item” data_animation=”fadeIn” icon_type=”number” info_list_number=”05″ icon_color=”#f26926″ icon_border_color=”#f26926″ title_font_options=”tag:h3″ content_font_options=”tag:div”][/apress_info_list][apress_info_list title=”Trade An Item” data_animation=”fadeIn” icon_type=”number” info_list_number=”06″ icon_color=”#f26926″ icon_border_color=”#f26926″ title_font_options=”tag:h3″ content_font_options=”tag:div”][/apress_info_list][/apress_info_list_wrapper]

1. Download the app, create an Account and add a Profile Picture.

2. Set Locations for Home and Work

3. Add 5 to 10 of your own items – categorise them and make them available.

4. Browse the items already in Dopplle and message owners about the items.

5. Request an item that is listed by Dopplle – choose any method of shipping.

6. Dopplle Staff or other Testers will message and request your items. Follow through with some of the requests to see how the Trades work.

We really want the App to be both solid and easy to use so if you find any issues or if you have any suggestions please use the forms below or post on the Facebook Testers Group.

We have created a couple of pages to help you should you need it:
Suggest an Improvement Form
Report a Bug Form

**Remember: it’s all hypothetical but please message other users etc as if you were using it in real life.**

Thanks for all your help!

Team Dopplle