2nd December Time for a Dopplle Mascot

Time For A Dopplle Mascot

Recently we came to a shocking realisation. Dopplle does not have a mascot… Nothing to support us on our endevors, nothing to give us the excuse of dressing a Dopplle team member up in a fun yet embarrassing outfit…

We have to change this.

Welcome to our mascot, a satsuma! Round, vibrant and orange. But, they don’t have a name yet…

Over the next few weeks during December, we will be sharing 10 posts of our mascot appearing in different festive and iconic movie scenes. When we post each one, it’s your time to shine and give them a name! Comment as many different names as you want and let us know what you think our mascot should be called.

Final entry to naming our mascot will be on the 22nd December at midnight! The Dopplle team will then sit down to choose our favourite suggestion and announce the new name of our satsuma mascot. Whoever suggests the name that we end up picking (first) wins a handpicked mystery clothing box containing a load of pre-loved items from our Dopplle Wardrobe, tailored to your taste!

Why Do We Need A Mascot?

How else will we be able to embarass a Dopplle team member of our choosing? In all seriousness though, we feel having a mascot will allow us to have a specific face of Dopplle, adding them into fun photos, bringing them to events and more. We love the idea of having an epic satsuma hanging out with us. Also, we already bring satsumas to most of our events as a memorable alternative to give out to all you Doppllers….

Looking forward to all the whacky and creative names our DopplleGang come up with. Surprise us. Entertain us.