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Uni’s & Colleges

Dopplle is a student led start-up, which brings accessible and affordable sustainable living to communities via a clothes swapping app!


We are trying to change how the world views fashion, textile waste, and the impact it has on the environment. Our goal is to reduce textile waste across the country by encouraging everyone to swap clothes to give them a new life. We are looking for students who want to learn new skills, develop their confidence while becoming part of a new and exciting community!

Why get involved?


Dopplle will give your students amazing experience and transferable business skills through our voluntary Ambassador Scheme, which will set them in good stead for their future careers.


For each student that signs up to our mailing list, Dopplle will make their clothing carbon footprint neutral each month. By partnering with Dopplle, your institution will have access to this information and can use it to offset your institution’s carbon footprint and boost your sustainability reports.


We offer a wide variety of different events, such as; swap shops, climate cafes and talks from the co-founders. Each event gives your students a chance to get involved and connect with Dopplle and our missions.

How it works

When students sign up to the free app, users within the app will trade within a closed ecosystem. Dopplle Coins are the virtual currency used within the app to keep track of how many items each user has swapped out vs swapped in to their wardrobe.


For now, each clothing item is automatically valued at one Dopplle Coin, however, users also have the option to change this to zero if they wish to gift an item by giving a new home and lease of life.


There are a couple of ways to gain a Dopplle Coin, by either uploading an item and filling out all required fields, or if another user requests to swap an item.

Brand ambassadors

We are looking for  Brand Ambassadors at every university and college across the country, who will be promoting the Dopplle app across campus to their friends and peers.

In return, they will get amazing experience for their CV, the opportunity to learn transferable business skills, access to a large network of entrepreneurial students and many more benefits. You can see more information here.