5th May University of Bath Swap Shop


This event was a day of talks and lectures from  entrepreneurs connected to Bath and how they had setup their businesses.  It also celebrated new companies from recent or existing students (Izzie is currently on a Masters in Sustainable Chemical Engineering) .  Most companies were just setting up a table and banner;  as you would expect Dopplle took centre stage by running a swap shop at the same time from their stand, guaranteeing they were not only the brightest stand but also the busiest with people arriving and swapping clothes for the whole duration of the event!

The day started around lunchtime when Dopplle arrived to setup the stand with clothing rails and a selection of items from Dopplle’s own wardrobe ( search for the user Dopplle_Wardrobe to see our stock of over 500 items!).  After some logistical challenges actually getting in via the service entrance, the stand was quickly setup and some promotional photos taken at the entrance to The Edge building where the event took place.

Even before the event started people from other stands were taking an interest in the clothes.  When the event opened there was an immediate queue of students who has specifically come to the event having heard the swap shop would be on.  Although the event itself was ticket only, Izzie had managed to get agreement for students to attend in order to swap on the stand – it really was an interactive display of the Dopplle brand with the event participants able to see swapping up close and personal.

In total nearly 200 swaps took place during the event, with students bringing up to 10 items each and taking away one item of clothing for each one they had brought.  There were many success stories from the event with people finding The One  (or The Many !) item that they really wanted to take home and wear.  The last Doppller was Bokani, an artist from London and Bath alumni (https://www.artbybokani.com ).  She had been the first person on the stand but was unable to return as she was a key participant in the event.  At the end, she managed to bag a jacket that she had her eye on all day – a very happy customer who will be wearing something from Dopplle for some time to come, we hope.

In the evening, there was an award ceremony for all of the participants, with Izzie standing out among the students in the trademark Dopplle Orange t-shirt!

Overall, the event was a real success for both Dopplle and Izzie!