28th June Welcome back, what’s been going on with us and what’s coming next?

Welcome back to Dopplle!

After a tough year of launching in the middle of a pandemic, we are proud to have successfully completed our first academic year of the Dopplle app with over 700 users. When we launched in September 2020, we were not sure what to expect due to the new virtual world, but we are so happy and grateful for everyone who has joined us on our journey. 

Over the past academic year we have reached 45 different universities and colleges who each have a small Dopplle community, which is constantly growing and evolving. Since the end of the academic year, we have thrown ourselves into getting ready for the coming one!

Our Ambassador Scheme has now been going for a year and we have had 32 students from universities and colleges all over the country who are passionate about sustainability and have helped us build and grow Dopplle communities within their institutions. They have been vital in helping us run virtual events, including Swap Shops and workshops. Head over to our Instagram Highlights real to find out more.

We have also moved offices! Even though most of the year has been virtual, we have also been acquiring more and more items of clothing through donations, friends and family and left over stock from Swap Shops! Our new office gives us the chance to store all of our stock on rails so we have easier access to seeing what we have, but it also means we can work in the office again with full social distancing rules in place! We are all looking forward to being able to get back in the office occasionally, but we will miss wearing trackies for most virtual meetings!

Our app development has also continued throughout the pandemic. Lenka, our developer who lives in Canada, has added many new features which make the Dopplle App even better! These include user ratings, so you can rate your experience and give other users the confidence and knowledge that their trades will go smoothly. These ratings also mean you can see them on each user’s profile (5 stars being the best), and this has proven to be a great addition to the app.

Next up, we are reforming the Ambassador Scheme to make it more refined and structured for next year’s ambassadors. Our ambassadors have run various events throughout the year but next year they will be more consistent and informative, especially if COVID-19 allows us to start to run in-person events more often. If you are interested in signing up to the scheme please sign up your interest here.

Our app development is constantly progressing and next up is giving users the ability to connect to their university or college account, giving everyone the security and knowledge of who is verified to be from their institution. We are also looking at implementing a subscription process but unfortunately this is a bit more technical and will require more work.

If you have been a part of the Dopplle community for a while now, thank you so much for your support – nothing goes unnoticed! If you are new, welcome to the Dopplle community! If you have any questions please message us on any of social media, or email us at hello@dopplle.com.