22nd September What definitions do you need to know when talking about fashion?

Fashion is a word on everyones lips, but when looking at the environmental and ethical impacts it has, which of these terms should you know?

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion can be defined as cheap, trendy clothing that is inspired from catwalks or celebrity culture. These items are turned into garment designs for highstreet stores which are designed, produced and sold at an alarming rate. This is to meet consumer demand and to ensure their customers always have the “next best thing”. 

What is slow fashion?

This generally refers to the style, design and quality of the garment, as well as the intention behind how it was made (in short, the opposite to fast fashion). 

Slow fashion involves buying clothing made of durable fabrics and staying away from fluctuating trends so you can still wear the pieces you love years down the road. Quality over quantity.

What is ethical fashion?

This refers to how the clothing was made, including everything from how the cotton was grown to the treatment and wages of garment workers who made the clothes. This includes the safety of the workplace, hours and more. 

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion refers to the effects of the production of clothing on the environment. Does the dye affect marine life when it makes its way into the water, is it toxic? The amount of water that is being used is also important to consider and where the material is coming from. 

For example, some crops grown for fabric require a lot more water and space to grow compared to others. Most of the time it is looking at all aspects and figuring out what is the less negative impact on the environment. Sustainability is all about longevity and if a product can continuously be made without leaving a mark on the planet, that is the goal.

Hopefully these definitions will help you understand what areas of fashion should be thought about and what should be considered when looking at brands.