30th July Who are Dopplle Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are a core part of Dopplle, these amazing students help us educate young people about sustainable living and the Dopplle app! They collaborate and run great events for their university or college with our support while creating a community of likeminded students who can connect and grow together.

Who are Dopplle Ambassadors?

Dopplle Ambassadors can be anyone who is a current student at a university or college who wants to educate their community about environmentally friendly living. Our ambassadors have been recruited from a range of backgrounds, studying different courses, part of different societies but all have the same values in wanting to enable students to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Why do we need ambassadors?

At Dopplle we love to connect with as many of our users as possible, but with students being all over the country it makes it a lot harder! Our Ambassadors give us the opportunity to provide as many students as possible with Dopplle and everything that comes with us including events, educating about sustainable living and a like-minded community.

What do ambassadors do?

Dopplle Ambassadors have three main areas they help Dopplle with.

1. Promoting Dopplle: this can be through Freshers Fairs, virtual promoting and word of mouth.

2. Events: at Dopplle we love running events for our community, in-person and virtual. Our ambassadors provide these opportunities for students with the support of everyone at Dopplle.

3. The Dopplle App: our Ambassadors can keep an eye on the app for us, making sure people have uploaded items correctly and that if the users have any questions we can help answer them!

How do you apply to the ambassador scheme?

Once you have downloaded the app and made an account, go to the Dashboard and click where is says “Apply to be an Ambassador”. Follow the steps and you application will be sent to us straight away.

How else can I get involved with Dopplle?

If you are not a student but still want to get involved, keep in touch with us at Dopplle. Email us at hello@dopplle.com or message us on any of our social medias. You can help our Ambassadors with running events, promoting the app and building ur community!|

We are looking forward to connecting with you!