6th July Help Dopplle out!

Welcome to the Dopplle blog space! If you have read our previous blog post you will know that we have been doing lots of updates within Dopplle and preparing for the next academic year!

What Dopplle opportunities can I get involved in?

Whether you are a student, parent or just someone who aims to be more sustainable through fashion, we have so many ways in which you can get involved and become part of the Dopplle community including: getting photographed by a photographer for our social media, becoming a Dopplle Ambassador or just attending our events that we host!

I am a student!

We have students up and down the country at many different universities and colleges who are a part of our Dopplle Ambassador Scheme! Our Ambassadors have been a vital part of Dopplle, they help us run events at their institutions, promote the Dopplle app to students and help out Dopplle with core decisions. If you are interested in building up a Dopplle community at your university and networking with societies and other like minded people, while gaining valuable skills and experiences to carry through into your career. Secondly, we LOVE getting more content for our social media. If you want to appear on our social media in a pre-loved outfit, please send us your outfit photos by emailing us at hello@dopplle.com. 

We want as many of you as possible to show off styles, outfits and all beautiful body shapes. Finally, we are starting up a Dopplle model programme where we are recruiting a range of people to model our pre-loved clothes.

I am a parent!

If you are a parent and your child is about to leave for university or college, ask them if they have room to take a few items from home that they do not want anymore – this gives them the opportunity to get involved with Dopplle straight away. Sometimes all it takes is a few items to swap and it starts a whole shift in opinion of sustainable living through fashion!

I am not a student nor a parent!

Finally, if you are not a student, nor the parent of a student but you still want to get involved? That is great! We are always looking for supporters of Dopplle. Download the app and add yourself into the General UK group which includes users from across the country. Upload your items as normal and start swapping! If you want to help out with local events, contact us at hello@dopplle.com and we can see what we can do. Finally, we love virtually seeing our Doppllers second hand outfits and pre-loved clothes! Send in your outfit photos by emailing us at hello@dopplle.com and write a bit about why you love your outfit!

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of how to get involved with us! Any questions please contact us on any of our social media accounts (@dopplle), visit the Get Involved page or email us at hello@dopplle.com!