22nd September The Dopplle app is live!

On the 21st September 2020, after nine months of brainstorming, development and testing, the Dopplle app is officially live and ready for you to download.

If you aren’t already in the loop, Dopplle is a student led start-up that aims to bring accessible, sustainable fashion to students who want to look good whilst on a budget – without damaging the environment. Not only that but you can help to reduce textile waste and make your lifestyle more sustainable by downloading the app and swapping clothes with other students at your university. Be part of the change that is going on worldwide right now and make sure you are educated on the issues in this current climate.

How to get started

1. Download the App – available on iOS or Android

2. Create an account and join your university or college group

3. Upload your pre-loved items that are still in good condition

4. Browse Dopplle and start swapping!

You may have also noticed that we have been actively recruiting Ambassadors at institutions across the country and we’re proud to say that we now have had applications from across thirty different universities and colleges. If you’re still interested in becoming an Ambassador, then don’t worry it’s not too late. You can apply here.

A massive thanks to the team who helped bring this together and make this launch a success. Stay tuned for lots more updates that are on the horizon, as well as events throughout the year including webinars, workshop’’s and Swap Shops (Covid-19 permitting).

If you haven’t already, download the app now and get started. Don’t just swap it. Dopplle it!